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光学膜分条机 剥离贴合复卷机 高功能型剥离贴合分条机 铝箔分条 FA SLITTER 铝塑膜分条

NUOHENG Company was founded in 2005. It specializes in the following processing equipment of optical film, functional film, packaging film and other flexible materials for Taiwan's commercial enterprises. Its main projects are slitting machine, rewinding machine, stripping and laminating machine and cutting machine. Over the years, the research and experience of flexible material processing can provide customers with the most appropriate addition. Work plan. We can tailor-made according to special needs, and also have a comprehensive range of services from a single device to the entire plant planning, to help clients to more stable, efficient and flexible production.

Our equipment can be used in electronic technology, aerospace, new energy, medical and health care, packaging and so on. Secondary processing of membranes in many fields, such as BOPP, PE protective film, polarizing film, PET diffusion film, electrical insulating tape, PVC electrical insulating tape, PEI silicone ionizing paper, PE showering paper, OPE unidirectional stretching polyethylene film, aluminium plastic film, battery separator, silicone ionizing paper, medicinal PTP aluminium foil, medical PE breathable film Perforated membrane, copper foil, kraft paper, American cereal paper, wet sensitive kraft paper tape, real time stickers, adhesive tape, double-sided tape, aluminum foil tape, foam tape, non-woven fabric, graphite, film, gum trademark paper. And so on.

After years of steady development, NUOHENG has become a large manufacturer of processing equipment in the industry. We have many advantages and rich professional knowledge, in the slicing effect, material adaptability, performance expansion, comprehensive price ratio, after-sales service. It is well recognized in the industry and greatly strengthens the strength of NUOHENG through long-term cooperative research with large enterprises at home and abroad. In the aspect of enterprise management, we have established a complete quality management system, adhering to the service spirit of "professional quality, customer-oriented", constantly pursuing excellence, researching and developing more precise and more efficient processing equipment, and providing users with rapid and satisfactory after-sales service, in order to achieve this goal. Lifelong guarantee of mechanical quality.

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